Idealink Sequential

Idealink Sequential is an off-the-shelf highly configurable solution for companies with a linear idea submission and collaboration workflow. Sequential offers many embed tools for idea development, collaboration, knowledge sharing, access to expertise and cost justification. The purpose is to enable ideas to gain value and re-enforcing validation in an iterative fashion at each step before it ascends to the evaluation/decision-making level (which is where most of these processes run into resistance due to evaluator frustration from consistantly poor idea development).
The back-end is a combination of robust workflow architecture and associated tools that include, portfolio management, incremental and purposeful tasking, automated alert & notification engine, decisional aides, SME collaboration tools, progress tracking, metrics and reports.
The administrative portion of the system enables managers to quickly configure and thereafter adjust/modify/enhance system features as growth warrants. This includes interfacing with LDAP/Active Directories for single sign-on capability, creation of custom forms (data hooked), routing, reports, user profiles and permissions, liveries, idea challenge campaigns management, remote decision and voting capability and other administrative functions – all without needing to involve IT or the vendor. Idealink Sequential is ideal for organizations with workflow based innovation processes.

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